Distinguish Heat Shrinkage Medium Wall Tube And Heat Shrinkable Casing

- Feb 18, 2019-

What is the difference between a hot shrinkage middle wall tube and a heat shrinkable casing, and it is usually easy to confuse the two products of heat shrinkage medium wall tube and heat shrinkable casing. Thermal shrinkage in the full name of the wall tube is heat shrinkage medium wall thickness sheath, but also on the middle wall sheath, in fact, is also a heat shrinkable casing, but there are many differences with the heat shrinkable casing.

1, from the material said, the two products polyethylene substrate formulation is not the same, the medium wall tube material is softer.

2. From the wall thickness, the wall thickness of the wall tube in the heat shrinkage is medium thickness, which is slightly thinner than the casing.

3, from the coating process, the casing is usually manual heat shrinkable tube at both ends of the glue, can also be fully coated glue, coated with the adhesive layer is cold glue, glue heat shrinkage in the wall tube using hot melt Adhesive, 75 caliber below is direct coating, 75 caliber and above specifications using spiral glue, from the appearance of the difference is obvious, is a mechanical fully coated products, and waterproof performance of specific heat shrinkage casing good.

4, from the coating way, the two glue coating method is not the same, in general, hot shrinkage in the wall tube to do the maximum caliber is 200, and heat shrinkable casing can do 300, mainly the middle wall tube of the large caliber spiral coating equipment is more expensive.

5, from the Application field, double-walled heat shrinkable tube because of the above many different, heat shrinkage in the wall tube and heat shrinkable casing usage is also many different, hot shrinkage wall tube is mainly used in the middle of the cable connection, can also be used in automobiles and other products, and heat shrinkable casing is basically used as the cable intermediate connection of the internal and external sheath At the same time heat shrinkage medium wall tube This product is used more abroad, the domestic market is not very large.