Double Wall Casing Market Prospect Analysis

- Dec 04, 2018-

Double-walled casing is a new type of pipe developed in 1970s abroad. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, easy construction and saving material. Comparing with the same strength of plastic light-walled pipe, it can save about 40% of raw materials. It is widely used in communication cable sheath, building drainage, municipal drainage, low-pressure irrigation of farmland and other fields. Since the early 1990s, this type of pipe has been imported and manufactured in China. It is mainly used as the protective sleeve of communication cables. In the next article, we will discuss the double-walled tube. Let's take a look at the market prospects of double-walled casing.

As a new type of pipe material, double-wall sleeve has been used in more and more fields in recent years. It has replaced cement pipe in the field of communication cable sleeve protection. Compared with other plastic pipes, it also has the largest consumption. In the field of building drainage, because of its poor sound insulation performance and insufficient development of pipe fittings, the consumption is not very large. However, in municipal drainage and factory sewage, especially large-caliber pipes, the use of double-wall casing is increasing because of its advantages of light weight, convenient construction, high strength and good sealing performance. The cost of using double-walled sleeve is lower than that of plastics smooth-walled tube of the same specification, and the construction period can be shortened by 5-10 times.

Another area that needs to be developed and popularized is drip-leak irrigation of agricultural materials. Due to the lack of water resources in most areas of northern China, how to make rational use of water resources to eliminate waste and improve the utilization rate of water is an urgent problem to be solved. It is a suitable choice to use double-wall sleeve as transportation pipeline because of its low cost and easy opening. This is also the future double-wall casing manufacturers should strive to promote aspects. Therefore, the market prospect of double-wall casing is very broad.

At present, there are various types of double-walled casing on the market. How to choose suitable double-walled casing is particularly important. If you want to know more about this technology, you can contact us and sincerely look forward to your consultation.


双壁套管是国外七十年代开发的新型管材,具有轻重量、高强度、施工起来方便,用料节省等优点。和相同强度的塑料光壁管进行比较,可以节省原料40%左右,广泛适用于通信光电缆护套、建筑排水、市政排水、农田低压灌溉等领域。我国从九十年   代初开始引进生产该型管材,主要用作通信电缆护套管。接下来的文章中,我们要探讨的是双壁管。下面让我们一起看看双壁套管的市场前景。