Electric Heat Shrinkable Materials Will Increase With The Growth Rate Of Grid Investmen

- Jun 21, 2018-

Electric heat shrinkable materials will increase with the growth rate of grid investment. 

The power type heat shrinkable materials are mainly cable accessories, which account for about 1.3% of the investment in the power grid. The market capacity is determined by the total amount of investment in the current grid, and has a certain volatility. At present, the power type heat shrinkable materials are mainly used for medium and low voltage cable fittings below 35KV and the main parts of high voltage cables are prefabricated and cold shrinkable materials. We expect that the proportion of the cable accessories in the middle and low voltage cables is about 40%, then according to the calculation, the investment in the national grid will reach 2 trillion and 500 billion in 2015, of which the cable accessories are 32 billion 500 million, and the market space for the middle and low voltage cable accessories is 13 billion.