Eva Hot Melt Adhesive Used In Heat Shrinkable Casing

- Jan 08, 2019-

Thermal shrinkage belt, heat shrinkage casing is in the application of the device have strict requirements, in the device thermal expansion belt, thermal expansion sleeve, but also to the heat shrinkable pipe and bonding position, such as stop echoing the solution, is also in the specification of the response requirements, I will talk about the thermal expansion zone, thermal expansion sleeve filling the total request for the soil:

1) is using the heat shrinkage belt, heat shrinkage casing sleeve stop to fill the front, it is necessary for the filling position to stop liquidation, the ring weld and its left near the plant, solder slag, dirt, oil and its sundries clearing pickled sullied;

2) for the filling position of the bamboo pipes name to stop the removal of rust solution, the name of the anti-rust solution quality should reach the "paint before the name rust title and rust removal title" gb/t8923 rules of the sa2.5~sa3.0 level. You can choose to spray sand or electric tools to remove heat shrinkage pipe rust.

3) Heat shrinkage belt, heat shrinkage sleeve filling mouth demand and heat shrinkage casing tube in all the anticorrosion layer of the most inside the polyethylene layer stop splicing, the filling position of the polyethylene layer should be polished to the nominal rough. Its end stop Groove solution, the slope angle is not greater than 30 °, and then use the flame heater for the filling position to stop heat transfer.

4) Heat shrinkage belt, heat shrinkage casing and polyethylene anticorrosive layer should not be less than 100mm.

5) Heat shrinkable casing If the humidity is greater than 85% or windy day, should stop the soil.

Double-walled adhesive heat shrinkable tube is improved on the basis of heat shrinkable pipe, heat shrinkable pipe in the practical application is mainly to play the role of insulation protection, heat shrinkable tube in the shrinkage will be tightly wrapped on the object used, but in real life changes in the environment, temperature changes, such as the two-wall heat shrinkable tube is inevitable, So it is difficult to ensure that there is no gap between the heat shrinkable tube and the protected object at all, usually when used for insulation, these will not have any effect on the protection performance of the product, but once the protected object can not touch the water, can not touch a little air when the heat shrinkable tube is not applicable, At this time, it is necessary to have a complete repair of the intermediate gap in the emergence of products, so the development of a double-walled adhesive heat shrinkable pipe products.

Eva Hot Melt Adhesive is a non-solvent, water-free, 100% solid melt of the polymer, at room temperature for solids, heating melting to a certain extent into a liquid adhesive that can flow and has a certain viscosity, its melting is light brown translucent body or white.

The main components of hot melt adhesive, that is, the basic resin is ethylene and vinyl acetate in high pressure copolymerization and high temperature heat shrinkage tube into, coupled with adhesives, viscosity regulator, antioxidants and so on made of hot melt adhesive. Eva Hot Melt Adhesive has the following characteristics:

1, at room temperature is usually solid, heating to a certain extent when molten into a liquid, once cooled below the melting point, and quickly become a solid, (that is, solidified);

2, when used, as long as the hot melt adhesive heating melted into the required liquid, and applied to the sticky object, after compression in a few seconds can complete the bonding curing, within a few minutes can achieve the degree of hardening cooling and drying;

3, glue applied to the adhesive on the cooling and curing of the adhesive layer, can also be heated and melted, re-become adhesive body and adhesive bonding, with a certain degree of re-stickiness;

4, with fast curing, low pollution, strong adhesion, adhesive layer has a certain flexibility, hardness, but also a certain degree of toughness.

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