Flat Identification Shrink Tube Heat Shrink Cable Marker Sleeve

- Dec 20, 2019-

Quick Details

Brand Name: Kehong

Type: Shrink Label

Custom Order: Accept

Material: Composite Polymer, Polyolefin

Rated Voltage: 600V

Application: Low Voltage, Cable Identification

Tensile Strength: 10.4MPa min

Product name: Cable Marker Sleeve

Shrink ratio: 2:1 3:1; Wire Marking Sleeve

Operating temperature range: -55℃-125℃

Minimum shrink temperature: 70℃

Minimum full recovery temperature: 110℃

Standard color: yellow,white

Feature: Flame Retardant

Length: 2 inch/pcs

Product Description

CTMS heat-shrinkable identification marker sleeves are designed to meet the requirements of high- performance identification of wire and cable, tools, hoses and equipment. Made from reliable flame-retardant polyolefin with outstanding properties, sleeves can also be used as electrical insulation. Marks are permanent after printing. 


Flexible, highly flame-retardant.

Sleeves meet the print performance requirements of SAE-AS81531.

Markers can also provide insulation and strain relief.

Marks are permanent after printing; mark performance improves after shrinking.

Free of PCBs, PCPs, polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs), polybrominated biphenyl oxides and ethers (PBBOs, PBBEs and PBDEs) and toxic heavy metal compounds, which are classified as environmentally hazardous substances. Conform to European RoHS environmental directive.

Physical properties:

Tensile strength 10.4MPa min.

Elongation 200% min.

Low temperature flexibility No cracking

Heat shock No cracking, dripping or flowing 

Electrical properties:

Dielectric voltage withstand 2.5kV, 60 sec No breakdown

Dielectric strength 19.7kV/mm min.

Volume resistivity 1014Ω·cm min.

Cable marker sleeve- (27)