Fluororubber And ACM

- Nov 05, 2020-

The application of fluororubber and ACM has not been achieved so far, and the research on FPM / ACM blend system has been a hot spot in the research of fluororubber blends. Acrylic rubber (ACM) * is characterized by heat resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance and ozone resistance, and good processability. It can be used as sealing products for a long time at 150 ℃. In addition, the price of ACM is low, and the comprehensive cost is about 10% of FPM. The combination of the two is designed to produce low-cost products with oil resistance and high temperature resistance, which can replace FPM in some cases. It is reported that FPM / ACM can be used to make sealing products with temperature up to 180 ℃. Zhang Jun et al. Showed that in the FPM / ACM blend system with FPM as the main component, either the FPM curing system or the FPM curing agent based curing system can be used, but ACM curing agent alone should not be used as the curing system of FPM / ACM blend, otherwise, the mechanical properties of the blends will be low, shore a hardness will be low, elongation at break will be high, and long-term deformation at break will be high, It shows obvious under vulcanization phenomenon. In addition, because the crosslinking active groups of ACM and FPM can react directly (or combine), vulcanizing agent can be avoided in blending. Basic formula (quality part): fluorine rubber F26B 100; light MgO13; calcium hydroxide 4; 3# sulfurizing agent 3; polyethylene wax 2; spray carbon black 10. ACM rubber AR72S100; stearic acid 1; sulfur 1.3; potassium stearate 1.3; sodium stearate 3; spray carbon black 50; N550 carbon black 30; polyethylene wax 3; two methyl silicone oil 3; coke inhibitor CTP1.5; antioxidant ODA 2. Gamex company of Japan developed this kind of blend rubber (trade name fael23). The heat resistance of the blend is in line with F grade (ACM is D grade) of automotive rubber material, with excellent weather resistance, low cost and processing performance equivalent to general synthetic rubber. Mitsuru K ishine et al. Later developed a new FPM / ACM blend (Ag), and compared with ACM and FPM compounds, its heat resistance and compression long-term deformation are better than ACM, low-temperature resistance is better than FPM, the cost is between the two, and the processing performance of the compound is good, the process is safe, it can be used in the fields that require low-cost as well as engine oil resistance Sealing products (O-rings, gaskets, seals, etc.), extruded products (shaft sleeves, rubber tubes), lifting valve seats, diaphragms, rubber rollers, tapes, wire skins, etc. in automobile industry or other industrial fields. The research results of Zhang Jun et al. Also showed that the blends had good comprehensive properties and the cost was lower than FPM.