Heat Shrink Tube Is The General Term Of Heat-shrinkable Pipe When It Is Heated

- Mar 12, 2019-

In fact, heat shrinkable pipe is the general term of heat shrinkable pipe. According to the composition and temperature resistance, it can be divided into PVDF heat shrinkable pipe, PTFE heat shrinkable pipe, PET heat shrinkable pipe, FEP heat shrinkable pipe, 10KV high-pressure mother row protection heat shrinkable pipe, PVC heat shrinkable pipe, rubber double-wall heat shrinkable pipe, irradiated cross-linked PE heat shrinkable pipe, 35KV high-pressure mother row protection heat shrinkable pipe, wood-like heat shrinkable pipe and so on.

All bare bus bars in distribution cabinets need to be installed with heat-shrinkable tubes. Generally, they are installed in factories. At the same time, the installation of equipment elements in distribution cabinets needs to first cover the heat-shrinkable tubes on the bus bars. After all the components are installed, the screw is tightened and the heat-shrinkable tubes are laid out in a suitable position, and the heat-shrinkable tubes are heat-shrinkable on buses with a hot air heater. Oven can also be used to heat shrinkage in batches. The oven is set temperature according to the material characteristics of the heat shrinkable tube, and the heat shrinkable tube is set at the link point of the wire bundle. The protection and insulation of the connection point can be completed by placing the heat shrinkable tube in the oven in batches.