Heat Shrinkable Pipe Coating Method And Purchasing Precautions

- Feb 20, 2019-

Precautions when purchasing heat shrinkable pipe Analysis of adhesive heat shrinkable pipe Coating method

Heat shrinkable tubes are now used in a very wide range of life, but there are still many friends who still do not know how to choose a good heat shrinkable casing. Here to introduce you to the hot shrinkage casing purchase need to consider several aspects of the content.

The following four points should be noted when selecting a heat shrinkable casing:

1. Consider how to select a heat shrinkable tube size.

Choosing the right heat shrinkable tube size is best done with the correct measurement. is generally measured by a vernier caliper or a ruler, the minimum and maximum diameter of the object set by the casing needs to be measured. Choosing a heat shrinkable tube is a large Bell that allows space than you measure the maximum measurement value of an object. At the same time, the small metering is taken into account to ensure that the heat shrinkable tube has a high enough shrinkage heat shrinkable tube to ensure that the casing and the object are tightly fit. Finally, when you place an order, buy a little extra, because some heat shrinkable tubes also shrink vertically! This measurement method is known as the "longitudinal shrinkage" specification.

2. Consider a number of important indicators.

The maximum diameter and temperature range of a hot-shrunk object is two important factors to consider when choosing a heat shrinkable tube. Because the size of these products varies greatly, the thermal shrinkage rate is also an important indicator to consider. Since the shrinkage of the heat shrinkable tube requires external heating, the temperature resistance of the heat-shrinkable object is also an important indicator to be considered. Also, if the application environment temperature is high, it is necessary to choose the corresponding parameters of high-temperature heat shrinkable tube.

3. Consider how to choose the Heat shrinkable tube color

Color We generally choose black, because double-walled tube application environment is bad, other colors are not necessary, and special color, manufacturers will charge special processing fees, and inside the color Masterbatch add will also increase the cost, so it is more expensive, but these are only because of customers.

4. Finally, it's a matter of price and quality.

The heat shrinkable tube is divided into two kinds of adhesive heat shrinkable pipe and non-adhesive heat shrinkable tube, and the non-adhesive heat shrinkable tube is usually called a single-walled heat shrinkable tube, and the adhesive heat shrinkable tube is usually called a double-walled heat shrinkable tube (referred to as a double-walled tube). The adhesive heat shrinkable tube is divided into outer layer and inner floor, the outer layer adopts high quality, soft crosslinked polyolefin material, and the inner layer hot melt adhesive is processed by composite. The outer material has the advantages of insulating anticorrosion, wear resistance and so on, the inner layer has the advantages of low melting point, waterproof, sealing and high viscosity high temperature heat shrinkage pipe connection, the adhesive layer can be glued to plastic, rubber, metal, so the adhesive heat shrinkable pipe is often widely used in electronic equipment wiring waterproof, anti-leakage; Water pump and submersible pump wiring waterproof and other occasions.

Adhesive heat shrinkable Tube coating methods are:

1, flat coating: Easy to produce, direct extrusion, can produce continuous pipe, but the adhesive layer is relatively thin, there is uneven wall thickness of the adhesive layer phenomenon.

2, Direct coating: the need for additional adhesive, processing more than a process, can not produce continuous, can solve the problem of sealing due to uneven adhesive layer.

3, spiral coating: The same as direct coating, in addition to glue, and only the production length of less than 300mm, better sealing.