Heating Shrinkage Of Heat Shrinkable Tube With Adhesive

- Oct 24, 2018-

Today, we introduce the related matters that should be paid attention to and treated before and after the shrinkage of heat shrinkable tube.

1, the first just out of the oven with the adhesive heat shrink tube is very soft, very easy to break, and has a strong viscosity, easy to paste and stick to each other, so handling and placing should be particularly careful.

2, in accordance with the size of the knife trimming double-wall tube at both ends, the operation should be on a clean, flat surface, to prevent pressure out pits and sticky dirt. In the dressing should pay attention to their own safety, to prevent scratches by the art knife. The trimming port should be straight, non-aliased or concave.

3, the transport sleeve is good with plastic heat shrinkable tube, should first in the transport vehicle mat blanket, avoid in transit encountered metal and other hard objects, resulting in casing cut or scratched.

4, in the cutting tape heat shrinkable tube should also be required to pay attention to the quality of the incision and personal safety.

5, in preparing to add tropical rubber heat shrinkable tube should be checked again casing whether there are scratches, cutting phenomenon. Heat shrinkable tubing with severe surface damage is not allowed to be installed and disposed of.

6, in heating shrinkage of the heat shrinkable tube is not allowed to use metal devices to beat the heat-shrinkable casing.

More heat shrinkable tube technical issues, always consult Guangzhou Cohon electronic technical personnel.