High Shrinkage Silicone Rubber Cold Shrinkable Tube

- Nov 23, 2020-

In 2020, the new coronavirus will affect the global economic development slowly. Kehong electronics focuses on research and development, and has developed high shrinkage ratio silicone rubber cold shrinkable tubes for many companies in South Korea, which is a solid step for kohong electronics to expand the overseas market of cold shrinkable tubes.

This customer is a distributor of 3M company. Their company provides series of coaxial cable connectors, mainly terminal boxes, protection boxes and cold shrinkable tubes for local telecom base stations.

Before the cooperation, they found that our high-performance cold shrinkable tubes can directly serve the local telecom base stations, so the price is the second, and the main thing is to look at the quality.

Not long after the rubber samples were broken, our customers were surprised by the quality of the rubber samples which were tested before and after the test, because the quality of the rubber samples we provided to our customers was not satisfied.

The support strip of 40 / 9mm cold shrinkable pipe of Kehong electronics adopts ultrasonic welding technology instead of the original hot air welding technology, which is not easy to be broken. And the walls are thin and strong.

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