High Temperature Resistant Heat Shrink Tubing And Red Waterproof Heat Shrinkable Sleeve

- Mar 18, 2019-

Red waterproof and heat shrinkable double-wall pipe system is soft, flame-retardant, radiation crosslinked double-wall heat shrinkable pipe system. The inner layer system has good bonding performance of hot melt adhesive. The outer layer is soft flame-retardant irradiation crosslinked polyolefin. Its shrinkage ratio is 3-4 times. After shrinkage, hot melt adhesive can completely seal the materials connecting the two ends. It is easy to construct, does not need maintenance, and can withstand the impact of harsh environment and humidity. It can protect components, and be applied to cable connection, sealing and moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion-proof and insulation protection of cables and components, repairing damaged insulation layer of cables, etc.


· The shrinkage ratio of high heat recovery and shrinkage pipes is 3:1 and 4:1, which can realize the sealing and insulation protection of connectors and cables.

· The hot melt adhesive with good adhesion can realize the sealing, moisture-proof, water-proof and corrosion-proof of the cable connection and electronic components.

· Good physical, chemical and electrical properties

· Hot melt adhesives have good bonding properties to plastics, rubber and metals.

· PCBS, PCPS, PBBs, PBBOs, PBBEs and PBDEs, which do not contain chloride compounds, are harmful to the environment. The double-walled heat shrinkable tube meets the environmental requirements of RoHS environmental protection directive and SONYSS00259 standard.

Temperature range,

· Continuous service temperature: - 55 ~110 C.

The lowest initial shrinkage temperature is 80 C.

Minimum Complete Shrinkage Temperature: 110 C

Kynar-175 is a heat-resistant flexible polyolefin heat-shrinkable casing. It has the characteristics of softness, corrosion resistance and insulation. It is widely used in the fields of automobiles, ships, aircraft and other components which need high temperature environment for a long time, such as temperature sensors, high temperature motors, etc.


High Temperature Heat Shrinkage Pipe

(1) Applicable temperature range: - 55 150 C;

(2) The initial shrinkage temperature is 70 C and the complete shrinkage temperature is 135 C.

(3) It meets UL224 standard and has good flame retardancy.

(4) The environmental performance meets the RoHS directive of EU and SONY-SS00259 standard of Japan.

(5)Compared with fluoroplastics and polyester casing, it has better softness.

Standard color: black, white, other colors can be customized.