Homemade Data Line

- Mar 08, 2019-

Heat shrink tubing as data line

The first thing we need to do is to prepare the necessary materials and tools as follows:

The main raw material of data line - high quality wire;

Heat-shrinkable pipes for wrapping wire and protecting key parts

Stripping pliers for stripping the outer skin of conductors;

Wire Plug - USB Plug Parts;

Used for welding wire - soldering iron, soldering tin;

Hot air gun for heating shrinkable tube;

It is used to encapsulate solder joints and fix - silicone rubber.

Used to test the connectivity of conductors - multimeter;

When the tool material is ready, the next step is to work. First, cut the four wires into the length you need, usually 1 meter. Then, weave the four wires together by a certain rule and sequence, and then cover them with a layer of transparent heat shrinkable tubes.

After the wire processing, the next step is the welding work. Four wires are welded to the corresponding pins of the USB plug. The pins of the USB plug are defined as 5V+, DATA-, DATA+, and 5V-.