How To Choose Between Heat Shrinkable Belt And Heat Shrinkable Sleeve

- May 27, 2020-

Pipeline anti-corrosion heat shrinkable tape and heat shrinkable sleeve are both used for anti-corrosion of welded junction. How can we choose one of the two products. This depends on some conditions, such as environment, pipe diameter and so on.

In general, we prefer the heat shrinkable sleeve, but the heat shrinkable belt can be selected under the following conditions:

1. Heat shrinkable tape can be used for anti-corrosion of some large-diameter steel pipe welds. The operation of large-diameter steel pipe is relatively troublesome, and the heat shrinkable belt is generally used in China.

2. In the construction section with narrow working space, it is not convenient to install the heat shrink sleeve.

3. The construction site is windy and dusty, and there are many stones or other hard objects on the construction site, so the heat shrinkable belt can be selected, because if the heat shrinkable sleeve is covered on the steel pipe in advance, it is easy to get dirty and the surface is easy to be scratched.

This is usually our recommended choice from the convenience of use and operation. The baking construction of the heat shrinkable sleeve is relatively simple. The heat shrinkable sleeve is commonly known as the dead sleeve because it is cylindrical or tubular. Before welding, the steel pipe must be covered at one end of the steel pipe in advance. After the steel pipe is welded, it can be moved to the joint location to remove the plastic bag and anti sticking paper for joint construction. This is not flexible compared with the heat shrinkable belt, because sometimes it takes time from the delivery to the destination, so if the heat shrinkable sleeve is used, the steel pipe can only be welded after the delivery. Because if all the welding is completed and then the heat shrinkable sleeve is sheathed, the difficulty is relatively large and the operation is almost difficult. And the heat shrinkable belt is not limited by this, and the whole pipeline is completely welded. Because the heat shrinkable belt is a coating type anti-corrosion material, which is coated on the pipeline. During baking, a fixing piece needs to be installed at the overlap. Therefore, compared with the construction, it is more complicated, and the unused staff may not be able to operate.

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