How To Choose PE Heat Shrinkable Sleeve And PVC Heat Shrinkable Sleeve?

- Sep 09, 2019-

Thermal shrinkable casing can be divided into PVC heat shrinkable casing, PE heat shrinkable casing, PTFE heat shrinkable casing, PVDF heat shrinkable casing, EPDM heat shrinkable casing and so on. The indexes of PE heat shrinkable casing are close to those of PVC heat shrinkable casing. Today we will analyze which is better between PE heat shrinkable casing and PVC heat shrinkable casing.

How to choose PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve? First of all, the material itself is compared:

In name, PVC is polyvinyl chloride, PE is polyethylene; in price, PVC is cheap and PE is expensive; in performance, it is not heat-resistant (some people have changed the molecular structure of PE, namely PEX and PERT, which can withstand high temperature); in application, PVC is more widely used, which is related to PVC's cheapness, and PE's application is far from so extensive in health performance, because of PVC's low cost. In order to have chlorine, chlorine gas will be released when heated, which reacts with water in the air and produces hydrogen chloride gas, which is toxic to human body, while PE contains only two elements of hydrocarbon, which is hygienic and non-toxic.

How to choose PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve? From the comparison of finished products:

PE heat shrinkable sleeve is made of a special polyolefin material, which can also be called EVA material. PE heat shrinkable sleeve performance: with low temperature shrinkage, soft flame retardant, insulation and corrosion protection function. Widely used in various wiring harness, solder joint, inductance insulation protection, sealing and anti-corrosion, metal pipe, rod anti-rust, anti-corrosion and so on. Voltage level 600V. It is common for products to withstand temperature from 105 to 135 degrees Celsius, which meets RoHS environmental protection standard and flame retardant. Polymer materials will undergo glass-high elastic state with temperature from low to high. Glass state performance is close to plastic, and high elastic state performance is close to rubber. The material used for PE heat shrinkable casing is glass at room temperature and becomes high elastic after heating.

PVC heat shrinkable sleeve has special function of heat shrinkage. It can shrink when heated above 98 C and is easy to use. The product is divided into two series according to the temperature resistance: 85 ~C and 105 ~C. The product meets the EU RoHS environmental protection directive. It is used for electrolytic capacitors and inductors. The product has good high temperature resistance and no secondary shrinkage. It can be used for printing. It can be used for single and combined packaging of various rechargeable batteries, and can be used for design, printing and cutting on behalf of customers. It is used for covering various curtain poles, bath curtain poles, hanging poles, mop poles, broomsticks, tool poles, expansion poles, garden tools, poles and other tubular articles. It can also be used for the identification of copper bars, joints and wiring harnesses of low-voltage indoor buses, and insulation coating. High efficiency, low investment in equipment and low comprehensive cost. It is a new generation of packaging material for lighting, LED pin wrapping, packaging bottle mouth wrapping. Whether it is for civil, automotive or military use.

So in a word, PE heat shrinkable casing is better in temperature resistance and environmental protection. PVC thermoplastic pipe is more widely used, and its price is lower than PE heat shrinkable casing. Its main uses and application fields are also gradually different. Compared with PE heat shrinkable sleeve, it is better, but the concrete analysis of the problem shows that no matter which kind of material is used in different fields, the quality of heat shrinkable sleeve depends on the actual situation.