How To Choose Various Uses Of Heat Shrinkable Pipe

- Jan 09, 2019-

The question of how companies choose heat shrinkable tubes is simple and not simple, and it is not complicated to say that the heat shrinkable tubes are now widely used. According to the functional use of heat shrinkable pipe: mechanical protection and insulation protection, according to the application of the industry: Automotive, Electronics industry, communications industry, ships, aircraft manufacturing, military, electricity and so on, the following company told you: "How the company choose Heat shrinkable pipe."

First heat shrinkable tube application Environment

According to the company's product application environment to choose heat shrinkable pipe, the application in the power industry to choose high-pressure resistance, application in the automotive industry to choose wear-resistant, you can choose my company's production: Automotive pipeline dedicated double-walled heat shrinkable casing. The heat shrinkable tube applied in the fuel requires oil resistance, can choose oil-resistant, such as: Military standard halogen-free oil-resistant identification card and so on.

Second heat shrinkable tube size specification

The application environment is determined, followed by the selection of heat shrinkable tube size specifications, size specifications including the internal and external diameter and thickness of the heat shrinkable tube. The choice of inner and outer diameters can affect the ability to cover and tighten, and the thickness will affect reliability and safety. For example: the requirements of thick wall can be selected: thick wall flame retardant double-walled heat shrinkable tube, the requirements of thin-walled can be selected: Flame retardant ultra-thin heat shrinkable tube and so on. According to the situation to choose the corresponding size specifications, our company's production of heat shrinkable pipe products can basically meet a variety of size specifications.

Third heat shrinkable tube material

The material selection of heat shrinkable pipe is also very important, which directly affects the safety, stability and life of the use environment.

IV Heat shrinkable pipe Manufacturers

To choose a professional manufacturer of heat shrinkable tubes, professional manufacturers have advanced production equipment and first-class developers, can provide professional product solutions and perfect after-sales service. The company is specializing in the production of insulating materials casing manufacturers, sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, study, business negotiations.

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