How To Deal With The Adhesion Of Silicone Rubber Cold Shrink Tube

- Nov 21, 2019-

Xiaobian saw a question in the post bar: how to deal with the adhesion between silicone rubber tube and silicone rubber tube? Silica gel is a new type of polymer elastic material, which has excellent high and low temperature resistance, good physiological stability, excellent resilience and long-term deformation, small breakdown voltage, ozone resistance and UV resistance. Radiation resistance and other characteristics, special silicone rubber has oil resistance. This also leads to the application of silica gel products more and more widely.

First of all, silicone adhesive mw-308ab is generally used for bonding silicone rubber pipe to silicone rubber pipe. Silica gel adhesive mw-308ab is a kind of two-component silica gel adhesive. It is mainly used for the adhesion of silica gel between various kinds of silica gel, such as silicone rubber tube, silica gel special-shaped strip, silica gel foam plate, silica gel day shaped strip (sealing strip), etc. the bonded silica gel products have the advantages of high strength, no brittleness, no whiteness, good resilience, etc. The glue is cured by high-temperature heating, so the curing speed is fast, the butt joint output value is high, and the daily value per person of butt joint of Japanese tube is about 6000-8000 pieces. Can pass all kinds of SGS certification, such as RoHS, FDA, etc. The bonded products have good resilience and are especially suitable for the butt joint between various silicone sealing strips and formed silica gel.

Use method of silica gel adhesive mw-308ab:

1. First take the equal amount of agent a and agent B, mix them evenly, and take not too much. Generally, the joint of silicone rubber pipe is about 5g at a time, and large area needs to be determined by yourself.

2. Apply the mixed glue on the surface of silica gel to be bonded (large area can be scraped evenly with a scraper).

3. Press the two silica gel surfaces to be bonded together. The condition allows the fixture to be set.

4. Put the pressed silica gel products in the oven at 100-180 degrees and bake for 3-10 minutes to cure and glue. The glued products can also be put into the mold to heat and glue.