How To Distinguish The Good From The Bad Of Anti-skid Pattern Heat Shrink Tube

- Mar 07, 2019-

Anti-skid pattern heat-shrinkable pipe is a kind of heat-shrinkable pipe. It is named according to the expandable application of heat-shrinkable pipe. It has the characteristics of anti-skid. How to distinguish the quality of anti-skid pattern heat shrinkable pipe, we should also judge from the following points:

1. Material quality, although generally poly-thinner hydrocarbon materials are used, in fact, the raw materials have the grade of good or bad;

2. Mould, good or bad mould, directly affect the formation of anti-skid pattern heat shrinkable tube, and the aesthetic and comfortable degree of anti-skid pattern heat shrinkable tube;

3. Technology and process design can reduce or eliminate the rate of non-skid pattern heat shrinkable pipes in heating use.

The raw materials of anti-skid pattern heat shrinkable pipe produced by Kehong Electronics are of high quality, the mould is developed by professional engineer, and the process is considered everywhere.

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