How To Identify Non-slip Pattern Heat Shrinkable Tube Is Good Or Bad?

- Dec 20, 2017-

The so-called anti slip heat shrinkable tube is actually a high quality polymer, which is formed by a series of scientific formulas and then processed by expansion. It is worth mentioning that, it has the advantages of environmental protection, soft, slippery, beautiful appearance, stable performance and quick shrinkage and so on, so in the field of high-end sports equipment such as fishing tackle and are widely used.

1. material

Generally speaking, the anti-skid heat shrinkable tubes are made of polyolefin and other materials. There is a hierarchical distinction for raw materials. Therefore, material is a basis for us to judge its good or bad.

2. mold

What we need to pay attention to is that the quality of the mould determines the appearance and comfort of the heat shrinkable tube after forming, so we should not underestimate this aspect.

3. process

If we have a reasonable optimization and control of the process, we can reduce and eliminate the failure rate of the heat shrinkable tube in the heating process, so this is also a criterion for us to choose.