How To Make The Heat Shrinkable Tube Fit Perfectly Into The Object

- Dec 20, 2018-

The main performance of the heat shrinkable tube is that it shrinks after heating, and with this particular condition, it is determined that the heat shrinkable tube can fit well with the items that need to shrink, so as to better realize its protection function. But some items with complex shapes, if you want to make the heat shrinkable tube shrink perfectly fit the item, there is a bit of trouble, need some skills and experience.

When the heat shrinkable tube is heated and shrunk on the threaded object, the different shrinkage state is presented, how to shrink the heat shrinkable tube on the stainless steel corrugated hose, so that the heat shrinkable tube is more attuned to the bellows after shrinkage, the surface is smooth and also shows obvious corrugated shape.

After a long period of repeated experiments in our company, summed up some experience to share with you, I hope to be able to use the heat shrinkable tube in the process of help, specifically the following four points:

1. Heat shrinkable pipe wall thickness to be thin

If the wall thickness is too thick, it is difficult to highlight the shape of the shrunk object after a complete contraction, and it is difficult to achieve uniform heat during heating and shrinkage. It is best to choose thin-walled heat shrinkable tube, do not use thick wall heat shrinkage tube.

2. The shrinkage of the heat shrinkable tube should be greater than three times times the best

Corrugated pipe thread is deep, select a large magnification of the heat shrinkable tube to ensure that the complete heat shrinkage after the convex sense is stronger, so as to achieve a high degree of fit between the heat shrinkable tube and the corrugated pipe.

3. It is best to use the heat shrinkage specifications smaller

When selecting specifications, we usually select the diameter of the heat shrinkable tube after shrinkage, which is smaller than that of the quilt object. Here the diameter of the quilt object values the diameter of the corrugated tube sag part.

4.Apply some silicone oil lubricant to the corrugated pipe during shrinkage

When shrinking, apply silicone oil lubricant, which can better remove air when heating, so that the heat shrinkable tube is more attuned to the bellows.

When the heat shrinkable tube heats and shrinks, it begins to shrink gradually from one end to the other, preferably blocking the flame with a ring bezel at the same time, moving at the edge of the block to ensure that it is evenly heated. The purpose of this is also to exhaust, so that the heat shrinkable tube shrinkage, more compatible with the corrugated pipe.

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