How To Use Silicone Glass Fiber Casing In Metallurgical Field

- Sep 13, 2019-

Silicone glass fiber tube is made of high purity alkali-free glass fiber braided into embryonic tube, and then coated with silicone rubber outside the tube. Silicone fiberglass sleeve, also known as high temperature sleeve, was first used abroad to protect cables in high temperature working environment, to replace asbestos. Because asbestos will be powdered in high temperature environment for a long time, which threatens workers'health, and the high temperature casing will not change physically in high temperature environment for a long time, so it can greatly improve the high temperature working environment and protect workers' health.

As a new type of high temperature protective material, silicone glass fiber sleeve has become the first choice of cable protection in major iron and steel plants, and its superior fire protection. More and more attention has been paid to the thermal insulation performance, the market is expanding, the technical content of silicone glass fiber sleeve is also increasing, and a kind of high temperature fire-resistant silicone glass fiber sleeve with more heat resistance and tear resistance has been born.

Guangzhou Kehong Electronics Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production and R&D of non-asbestos high temperature protective products used in heavy industry. It is our duty to provide customers with high-quality silicone glass fiber sleeve services, effective solutions and high-end products. The high quality of products comes from the deep understanding and research of more than ten kinds of high temperature resistant materials, and the flame retardant and its proportioning technology are synchronized with the world. Full understanding of the high temperature zone in metallurgical industry enables us to quickly provide the most economical high temperature protection scheme to effectively meet customer requirements.

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