Identify How The Words On The Heat Shrinkable Tube Are Printed

- Sep 04, 2019-

Heat shrinkable marking tube can also be called marking heat shrinkable tube, or line number tube and number tube. The heat shrinkable tube is printed and processed with printing wheel, carbon belt or ink and other auxiliary raw materials. It is necessary to select a machine with good compatibility for marking heat shrinkable casing printing, because there are some chemicals on the surface of heat shrinkable casing, and some machines are also used for marking heat shrinkable casing printing. If the capacitance is not good enough, this batch of heat-shrinkable sleeves can be printed and the next batch can not be printed. So it is very troublesome to choose the printer for heat-shrinkable sleeves. First, the size of the heat-shrinkable tube to be printed should be considered. If the surface of the flattened sleeve is less than 15 mm, the small machine should be selected to locate it. Good, stable and well-positioned heat shrinkable tube printers can print thicker heat shrinkable tube printers. This is a special machine for heat shrinkable tube printing. The effect before and after heat shrinkage is very clear. For heat shrinkable tubes of 7-_30, it can be easily coped with. It can be connected to computer to edit and print, and can be imported into Exc. El form batch editing and printing.

Function of thermal shrinkage marking tube: Cable thermal shrinkage marking tube, also known as marking number tube, marking tube and printing sleeve, is used for marking cables. It is printed after surface treatment on the basis of thermal shrinkage sleeve, which is used to distinguish different lines for convenient maintenance and management. Typing on the heat shrinkable pipe can be divided into thick pipe and thin pipe. Line number machine can be used for printing thin heat shrinkable pipe. Shuofang line number machine can print heat shrinkable pipe and PVC sleeve (number tube) with a width of 6/9/12 mm.

marker sleeve (19)

Printing equipment commonly used for heat shrinkable tubes:

1. Printer (equipment investment is high)

2. Packing Machine (Suitable for Large Diameter Thick Pipe)

3. Line number printer (suitable for less than 8)

4. Printing Wheel

5. Label printer (suitable for flat tube)