Installation Of Fluorine Rubber Heat Shrinkable Busbar

- Jan 31, 2019-

The Master row (translated into busbar) refers to the power supply system, The main switch in the electric cabinet is connected with the switch in each circuit. Copper row or aluminum high temperature heat shrinkable tube platoon. The surface has to do insulation treatment. The primary function is to do the wire. When handling the master of a set of heat shrinkable tubes, you should first put a blanket on the transporter to avoid touching hard objects such as metal in transit, causing the casing to

Pay attention to the quality of the incision and personal safety as required when cutting the heat shrinkable tube.

When preparing to install the Master platoon should again check whether the casing has the phenomenon of paddling, cutting, the serious surface damage of the mother row is not allowed to install, and re-disposal.

It is not allowed to beat a hot-shrunk parent row with a metal device when the master row is installed.