Introduction And Summary Of The Characteristics Of Various Silicone Tubes

- Sep 17, 2019-

1. fluorine rubber

It has the properties of temperature resistance, strong acid resistance and various solvent oils. Fluoroelastomer has excellent temperature resistance. Even at 200 C, it hardly deforms. Fluoroelastomer has excellent vacuum resistance, strong acid resistance, high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and strong oxidant resistance.

2. Fluororubber sheet

Product Description: It has good wear resistance and excellent heat resistance. It has good stability to organic liquids (oils, fuels, hydraulic oils), inorganic acids, high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and other oxidants when used at temperatures of 200-250 C.

3. Silicone Rubber Foamed Sponge Board

Features: Using domestic or imported silica gel processing temperature resistance, use temperature 200 ~250 C soft, aging resistance, good insulation performance; Uses: widely used in all kinds of pneumatic, manual transfer printing and stamping machine, can also be used as a seal or gasket.

4. Silicone rubber sheet

Specification: 500 *500m/m, 1000m/m Product Description: This product has the characteristics of temperature resistance, low temperature resistance (-60 -+250 C), high concentration ozone resistance, climate aging resistance, good insulation, good chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless and so on.

5. Silicone rubber sponge profiles

Usage: Suitable for door seal of drying oven test box, frameless balcony seal of lamp sealing box, etc. Features: Silicone rubber (silicone rubber sponge) profiles, which can be produced by imported or domestic silicone rubber profiles for a long time at - 50 C.

6. Fiber braided silica tube

Fiber woven silica gel tube application: suitable for conveying pressure, liquid food, medicine and biological products.


(1) All silicone tubes are made of imported silicone.

(2) The silica gel tube can last from - 50 C to + 250 for a long time.

7. Pure Silicone Tube

Features: It is suitable for transporting liquid food, medicine and biological products below 250 C. Usage: Pure silicone tube is produced by imported or domestic silicone rubber. Silicone rubber can be used for a long time in the temperature range from - 50 to 250 C.