Introduction Of High Pressure Heat Shrinkable Casing And UL Heat Shrinkable Tube

- Apr 12, 2019-

High-voltage heat-shrinkable bushing is a kind of heat-shrinkable bushing with good insulation, heat resistance and aging resistance. It is widely used in insulation protection of busbar in high-voltage starting cabinet, power plant, substation and so on. It can prevent foreign body overlap, short circuit of small animals, incorrect entry of charged gap by maintenance personnel, prevent condensation flashover, and increase phase insulation. The insulation protection for busbar of high and low voltage switchgear in substation can make the structure of switchgear compact (shorten the distance between phases) and prevent accidental short circuit accidents.

Scope of application: to eliminate short circuit fault caused by small animals such as rats and snakes; to prevent the corrosion of chemical substances such as acid, alkali and salt to the bus bars; to prevent accidents caused by overhaulers mistakenly entering the live gap; to adapt to the trend of miniaturization of switches; to solve the insulation problem of phase heat shrinkable tubes in bus bars.

[Main Performance Parameters]

1. Water absorption < 0.5%;

2. Radial shrinkage ratio 50%; Axial shrinkage less than 5.0%; Complete shrinkage temperature 130 C;

3. Fracture elongation > 400%;

4. Tensile strength 12.0 Mpa;

5. Breakdown strength (>25KV/mm);

6. Volumetric resistivity 4.3 x 1016_.m.

7. Hardness < 80 Shaw A;

8. Oxygen index (> 30);

9. The deviation rate was less than 30%.

The products are classified into 10 kV and 35 kV according to working voltage withstand.

The standard colors are red, green and yellow.

UL heat-shrinkable tube is made of high-quality polymer, which is scientifically blended with double-wall heat-shrinkable tube and mechanically blended to form polymer alloy. After forming, the product is irradiated by electron accelerator and crosslinked and expanded continuously. The product has the advantages of environmental protection, softness, flame retardant, fast shrinkage and stable performance. It has passed the safety standards: UL224, VW-1, C-ULCSAC22.2OFT. UL heat-shrinkable pipes produced by our company have excellent flame retardant and insulation performance, very soft and elastic, low shrinkage temperature and fast shrinkage, which can be widely used in wire connection, wire end treatment, solder joint protection, wire harness marking, resistance and capacitance insulation protection, metal bar or pipe corrosion protection, antenna protection, fitness equipment parts and steel structure surface protection; Anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment of the products concerned; identification of wires and other products, etc.

The characteristics of UL heat-shrinkable tubes with high temperature:

(1) The initial shrinkage temperature is 70 C, the ultra-thin type is 110 C, the normal type is 120 C, and the axial shrinkage rate is less than 5%.

(2) Eight harmful elements and halogen elements were detected by SGS, which did not contain organotin compounds (tributyltin/triphenyltin), asbestos, aerosol (AzoCompounds) and formaldehyde released during the restriction period.

(3) Applicable range: - 55 ~125 C;

(4) Complete specifications, 0.6-180, and special specifications can be customized;

(5)Soft and flame retardant;

(6)The environmental protection performance meets the environmental protection standards of Sony and RoHS.

(7)Easy to use. It can shrink when heated by oven and hot air gun.