Introduction To The Supporting Strip Of Communication Cold Shrink Tube

- Feb 26, 2020-

We know that the communication cold shrink tube needs to draw out the support strip during construction, and then it will shrink on the object itself. In fact, the quality of the support strip is very important. In many cases, if the quality fails to pass the standard, it will break as soon as it is pulled, which seriously affects the smoothness of use and the contraction quality of the cold shrink tube. How do we usually judge the quality of this support bar.

First of all, it can be visually inspected from the appearance. The high-quality support strip is glossy and transparent or milky white, average, less mixed materials, and relatively pure. Poor quality support strips may be filled with more or even recycled materials, with black color, uneven distribution, significant color difference, and even small particles in them.

Second, the high-quality support strip, with good crimping and moderate strength, will not slide away before installation. When installing and extracting, it will contract smoothly and control the installation speed easily, which can make the communication shrinkage average and the installation more perfect.

Third, the high-quality support strip has the appropriate thickness. For the cold shrink products with different caliber and shrinkage force, the thickness is different. If it is too thin, it will be easily compressed and deformed, thus affecting the shrinkage quality, or even damaged.

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