Is The Heat Shrink Tube With Adhesive A High-end Product In The PE Heat Shrink Tube?

- Aug 23, 2018-

Dual heat shrink tubes are used widely in the military industry, aviation, ships, cars, electricity, communications, machinery, electronics and other industries where the need for seal and insulation. Is the heat shrink tube with adhesive a high end product in the PE heat shrink tube?
The dual wall heat shrink tube with adhesive is made of high quality polyolefin alloy and inner hot melt adhesive. It has characteristics of  soft outer layer, shrinkage with low temperature, insulation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low melting point, good adhesion, waterproof seal and mechanical strain cushioning performance. For these reasons, the dual wall heat shrink tubes with glue are very popular and used widely for all kinds of ranges. such as wire and cable, metal pipeline, electronic equipment, household appliance wire harness, automobile wire harness, water pump and submersible pump wiring waterproof, etc.
It can be seen that its sealed and protective effect is excellent. So the dual wall heat shrink tube can be regarded as a high-end tube.
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