Is The Precision Of The Silicone Rubber Tube Related To The Die

- Oct 18, 2019-

When ordering silicone rubber pipes, many customers hope that the products can just reach the size they want, which is convenient and easy to use. In the actual production process, there will be a small size change between the customer's ordering requirements and the products produced, which is what we call tolerance. There are many factors that affect the tolerance range and accuracy. Many people think that it is difficult to control the accuracy of small size, and it is relatively easy to control large size. In fact, products with too large size are not easy to make.

The extruded silicone rubber pipe will be formed after feeding, mould and high temperature drying. During the process, the size of the pipe will vary with the temperature and time. This requires the operator to control the tolerance range at any time before and after. The standard of the line gauge with the normal diameter below 5mm is within the range of plus or minus 0.1mm. If the internal and external diameter is between 5-10 mm, there will be another plus or minus 0.15 mm. So the larger the size of the silicone rubber tube is, the more the tolerance will increase with the increase of the size. The silicone rubber tube manufacturer can definitely tell you that as long as the diameter of the silicone rubber tube is less than 100, there is no problem in opening the mold. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the mold, because the mold directly affects the quality of the large goods. It will also affect the overall production efficiency.

Therefore, the precision of silicone rubber pipe is not only closely related to the mold, but also the production process and operation level affect the tolerance range of silicone rubber pipe, so it is particularly important to select a good silicone rubber pipe manufacturer, especially the customers who produce high-precision silicone rubber pipe must carefully re select to get good product quality.