Key Links To Control Pipeline Corrosion

- Mar 27, 2020-

Key links to control pipeline corrosion

Design, construction and management are three important links to control corrosion.

1. Design is the first link of corrosion control, including the correct selection of anti-corrosion technology, reasonable selection of anti-corrosion materials and reasonable design of equipment structure. In addition to meeting the production process requirements, the structure of the equipment must also consider the rationality of its structure according to the needs of anti-corrosion. When designing the anticorrosion scheme, the stability, source, construction performance, service life and price of the selected materials in the working environment shall be considered. Therefore, first of all, it requires the leading design profession to take positive measures. At the same time, there must be technicians who are familiar with anti-corrosion engineering to participate in the design phase, closely cooperate with process, equipment, civil engineering and general drawing personnel, coordinate with each other and take comprehensive measures.

2. Construction is an important link related to whether various anti-corrosion measures can achieve the expected anti-corrosion effect. Only when the anti-corrosion construction quality is good, can the protection function of the anti-corrosion technology be brought into play. Otherwise, no good anti-corrosion technology can work. Therefore, construction must be carried out in strict accordance with the construction procedures, and inspection and acceptance shall be carried out in accordance with the quality standards.

3. Management, including construction management and operation management. Construction management includes the formulation of construction plan, process specification and construction scheme, quality inspection and construction record during construction. The operation management includes the maintenance and management of the equipment and pipelines that have taken anti-corrosion measures, regular maintenance and repair, establishment of equipment Anti-corrosion technical files, etc.