Key Points Of Installation Of Cold Shrink Tube

- Jan 07, 2020-

The main points of installation of cold shrink tube are as follows:

1. Confirm that the model and specification of the cold shrink tube should match the cable to be installed; confirm that the accessories of the cold shrink tube are complete and the tools required for installation are ready; read the installation instruction drawings; ensure that the installation environment meets the requirements of moisture-proof and dust-proof; it is not suitable for construction in rainy days and when the dust is too high.

2. Technical points of cable pretreatment: check whether the cable to be installed is affected by moisture and water; clean and straighten the installed part of the cable; if there are scratches on the outer surface of the cable, especially within 20 mm of the shielding opening, polish it with abrasive cloth to prevent residual air gap; it is not allowed to clean the insulation part with detergent that has cleaned the metal part; the metal part of the cable shall be flat and smooth, No oxidation, no burr, notch, flanging, etc. if any of the above conditions are found, file or emery cloth can be used for treatment and cleaning.

3. Basic operation of cold shrink sleeve installation: after installation, it is impossible to know whether the position is accurate from the outside, so it should be carried out in strict accordance with the steps specified in the installation instructions of cold shrink sleeve; attention should be paid to the fixation during installation to prevent displacement during installation; if there is water-proof tape or foam sliver, excessive exposure of waterproof tape or foam sliver should be avoided; installation is not allowed The finished cold shrink pipe shall be bound with iron wire or tie tape and other hard materials to avoid scratches.

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