Key Technology Scheme Of Fluororubber Industry

- Oct 12, 2020-

1. The variety is single and the variety of foreign fluororubber is diverse. DuPont company alone has more than 30 fluororubber varieties. Besides solid rubber, it also develops liquid products. However, there are less than 10 kinds of fluororubber in China. The high fluorine content fluororubber, the low temperature resistant fluororubber and the rubber directly vulcanized with peroxide are still in the trial production stage. New products such as vinylidene fluoride rubber, phosphazene fluororubber, fluororubber without secondary vulcanization and high-purity fluororubber used in semiconductor industry have not been officially put into the market (these products have been abroad since the 1980s-1990s) It has been commercialized, which limits the processing, application and promotion of fluororubber in China to a certain extent.

2. There is no supporting supply advantage. Foreign enterprises usually sell raw rubber, but also have mixed rubber (premixed rubber) or master rubber supply market, and can provide different formulations of rubber according to the needs of users, which is very convenient for users. Our country's production enterprises mainly supply raw rubber, less research on the application of products, monotonous and low level of premixed rubber, in addition to the lack of professional manufacturers with certain technical level and scale advantages, it is difficult to form a competitive advantage of supporting supply. To a great extent, this has affected the application of fluororubber, but also restricted the export of fluororubber, especially to developing countries with underdeveloped processing means.

3. The formulation is backward. At present, the domestic fluororubber enterprises mainly stay in the research of common formula, and the standard of testing the quality of fluororubber is still based on the performance of the traditional 3 ᦇ curing agent vulcanizate, which is difficult to meet the requirements of high-performance curing system (such as bisphenol-af). Some users, such as Volkswagen and general motors, are unable to use domestic rubber due to the unqualified testing. This is not the problem of raw rubber to a large extent, but the reason of formula.

Therefore, it is suggested that domestic fluororubber enterprises should actively carry out application formula research while increasing new product development. At the same time, fluororubber enterprises must pay attention to strengthen technical services and technical cooperation. Because the processing performance of fluororubber is worse than ordinary rubber, it has higher requirements for curing conditions. Generally, it needs two-stage vulcanization, and the curing temperature is high, the time is long, and the operation is cumbersome.

Therefore, fluororubber sales personnel should be familiar with the production, application and key processing technology of fluororubber, so as to guide users to choose and use fluororubber products according to the requirements of users.

Fluororubber is a high-tech product with broad market prospect. At present, three domestic manufacturers are committed to the production and development of fluororubber. The fluoropolymer base project invested and constructed by Japan Daikin company in Changshu has also started, including fluororubber project. Zhejiang Juhua, Shandong Dongyue and other enterprises have planned to invest in the construction of fluororubber plants. Due to the limitation of domestic processing technology, the actual production capacity of fluororubber in China has greatly exceeded the market demand.

Therefore, in order to develop fluororubber in China, it is more important to improve the technical level and product quality of existing enterprises, develop new varieties, develop series of products such as mixed rubber and master rubber, strengthen application research, and improve processing means and capacity, rather than simply expanding the production scale and fighting price war in the competition of low-end products. The government should correctly guide the enterprises, strengthen the research on the development strategy of fluororubber, strengthen the macro-control, moderately cool down the development of general-purpose fluororubber, avoid the bad situation of vicious competition, and achieve scientific overall planning and reasonable layout.