Manufacturing Technology And Method Of Cold Shrinkage Cable Head

- Jul 09, 2019-

In modern transformer and distribution engineering, cable is widely used because of its convenient construction and maintenance, high reliability of power supply, and cold-shrinkable cable head is widely used because of its unique advantages.

The cold-shrinkable cable head is simple and convenient to be constructed on site, and its cold-shrinkable tube is elastic. As long as the inner core nylon support strip is pulled out, it can be tightly attached to the cable without using heating tools, thus overcoming the gap between the thermal-shrinkable material and the cable body caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction when the cable is running.

The manufacturing principle of cold-shrinkable cable head makes use of the shrinkage of the cold-shrinkable tube to make the cold-shrinkable tube fully close to the cable. At the same time, the semiconductor self-adhesive tape is used to seal the port, so that it has good insulation and water-proof and moisture-proof effect. This method is suitable for the fabrication of 10-35KV three-core cable terminals.

The manufacturing process is as follows: stripping the outer sheath, steel armor and inner liner fixing steel armor ground wire wrapping filler glue fixing copper shielding ground wire fixing cold shrinkage finger sleeve, cold shrinkage pipe terminal compression fixing cold shrinkage terminal sealing port testing.