Medical Grade PVDF And PTFE Heat Shrink Tubes

- May 29, 2018-

Medical grade PVDF and PTFE heat shrink tubes

Presently, we have received many client requirement to the special wall thickness of PVDF and PTFE heat shrink tubes, some of our client require Medical grade PVDF and PTFE heat shrink tubes, and some client required as supply wall thickness to be 0.3 to 0.44mm(thick type) and some clients require thinnest wall, our engineer have more than 20 years experiences on polymer material, welcome all your special enquiry to heat shrink tubes.

Our factory can satisfy your special requirement to the wall thickness and the color, we presently produced on blue PVDF and blue PTFE heat shrink tubes, with thick wall thickness.

We'll update the tube photo to dear friends later.

If your requirement are special? come here and tell us all your special needs, our engineer will do the best to satisfy all your technical requirement.


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