Nomenclature Principle Of Insulating Material

- Mar 01, 2019-

Naming Principle of Plastic Products Product Name = Resin + Main Filler + Basic Name

Description: The basic name distinguishes compressive plastics from injection plastics according to the way of product forming.

Examples: phenolic wood powder compression plastics; phenolic wood powder injection plastics; phenolic glass fiber compression plastics.

2. Naming Principles of Paints, Resins and Rubber Products - Product Name = Major Chemical Components + Basic Name

Description: 1. The name refers to the use or form of products, such as dipping paint, solvent-free dipping paint, covering paint, rubber cat paint, deposited powder, silicon steel sheet paint, enameled wire paint, casting glue, etc. (2) Paints that need to indicate colour, colour written before the basic name. (3) Drying paint, which is written before the basic name and color.

Examples: oil impregnating paint; drunken acid drying red enamel paint; epoxy deposited powder; rosin castable adhesive; epoxy solvent-free impregnating paint.

3. Naming Principles for Diffuse Fiber Products Product Name Main Chemical Components of Second Paint+Substrate+Basic Name

Description: The basic name refers to the product form, such as lacquer cloth, lacquer pipe, tie belt, etc.

Examples: asphalt intoxicated glass lacquer cloth; oily glass lacquer pipe; polyvinyl acetate glass plate; glass wire binding tape.

4. Naming of Mixed Products. Original M Product Name: Resin+Substrate+Basic Name

Description: First, the basic name refers to the shape of products, such as sheet, tube, rod, copper foil, corona proof board, magnetic guide board, wire winding pipe, drawing rod, etc.; second, the rough copper foil is distinguished from single or double-sided copper foil before the basic name; third, the name of common laminate, tube and rod should be "laminated" between resin and base material.

Examples: phenolic laminated cardboard; epoxy phenolic laminated glass cloth pipe; phenolic paper one-sided copper foil; epoxy phenolic laminated glass cloth rod; epoxy polyvinyl acetate glass wire winding pipe; epoxy polyCool glass drawing rod.

5. Naming Principles of Mica Products

Description: First, the original name refers to the product form, such as mica belt, mica plate, mica foil, mica tube, etc.; Second, mica plate should be used before the basic name to express its purpose and characteristics, such as plastic mica plate, soft mica plate, commutator mica plate, liner mica plate, etc.; Third, in addition to mica, products with mica, mica or scale mica should be added powder, gold or scale before the basic name, respectively. Slice.

Examples: alkyd glass mica free belt; silicone glass soft powder mica pay belt; alkyd paper mica foil; epoxy glass flake mica belt.

6. Naming Principles of Film, Cat Belt and Composite Products

Film Product Name = Chemical Component + Basic Name

Tape Product Name = Substrate + Basic Name

Composite product name = Composition 1 + Composition 2 +. + Basic name

Description: First, the basic name is film, tape, composite box; second, the name of adhesive tape and composite products is not listed in the binder, but the paint of fabric substrate should be listed and written in front of the substrate; third, the order of composition of composite products is Film-Paper or glass cloth-synthetic fiber paper.

Examples: polyester film; polyester film cat belt; silicone glass tape; silicone rubber tape; polyester film-insulating paper composite foil; polyimide film-aromatic polyamide paper composite foil.

7. Types of electrical insulating materials are prepared according to their varieties. Types of electrical insulating materials are compiled on the basis of four digits (increase the fifth digit if necessary). Additional digits or letters can be added according to the special needs of products, but additional methods should be used as little as possible. Significance of the numbers from left to right of the electrical insulating material product type in the model drawing:

First digit number, general category as specified in Article 21

Second digit, subcategory as specified in Article 22

Third digit, indicating the product's reference work frustration

The fourth digit and the fifth teaching word in Pujia, if necessary, indicate the serial number of product varieties.

The reference working temperature of the third digit is 1-105 2-120 3-130 4-155 5-180 6-180 above.

Mica products without additional numbers are self-Mica products. Significance of Additional Numbers: 1. Powdery Mica Products; 2. Golden Mica Products; 4. Scaly Mica Products.

The product sequence number of steel clad foil is odd one-sided copper clad foil and even two-sided copper clad foil. For products containing fungicides or fungicides, add the letter'T'at the end of type P7.

Model examples: 1032 melamine alkyd impregnating paint; 2750 silicone glass pipe; 3240 epoxy phenolic laminated glass cloth board; 4221 amino asbestos laminated plastic; 5438I epoxy glass powder cloud belt; 6530 poly-cool film intoxicated glass cloth composite foil.