Parameter Analysis Of Heat Shrinkage Tube

- Dec 26, 2018-

The heat shrinkable tube is not the main machine in the path, but it plays the role of the cover path and the main machine parts in the pathway. As long as the appropriate proportion of the heat shrinkable tube, the ability to complete the maximum level of cover for the path. In this work, the small series will introduce you to the heat shrinkable tube of those root parameters.

Inner Diameter: We know that the cross section of the casing is cylindrical tubular, the inner diameter is the diameter of the inner wall, that is, the size of the interval between the inner walls, we generally use PHI to mark, because Phi is on the fortifications are used for punctuation diameter, and then the front to keep up with the number, indicating the value of the inner diameter, the department

Wall thickness: The second parameter wall thickness refers to the pipe wall of the thin, the inner diameter shows the size of the pipe, what is a wall thickness refers to? Macroscopic is the thickness of the goods, we know that the role of heat shrinkable pipe is insulation protection, so thick and thin reaction is the size of insulation protection, we all know that the thickness of heat, so the role of cold heating is large, the power of the heat shrinkable tube is small, because the wall thickness of the hot shrinkage pipe is its protective power, analysis, The thicker the heat shrinkable tube, the better the protective power of the machine.

Expansion rate: Heat shrinkable tube Heating will expand, and as long as the expansion will have a certain parameter, the expansion rate is also known as heat shrinkage, heat shrinkage ratio and so on, it refers to the heat shrinkable tube at room temperature, such as φ6, is heating after the diameter of the shrinkage, such as φ3, So what we call the expansion rate is the ratio of the inner diameter of the heat shrinkable tube before expansion to the inner diameter of the expansion, that is to say, 6/3=2/1, a certain 2:1 is the expansion rate of the casing, the expansion rate shows the size of the expansion power of the heat shrinkable casing If the heat shrinkable tube expands before the φ6, the expansion is φ2, as long as two millimeters of the size, then its expansion rate is 6:2, that is, 3:1.