Performance Analysis And Bubble Reasons Of Fluororubber Thermal Shrinkage Pipe

- Jan 30, 2019-


Fluorine rubber heat shrinkable tube has excellent resistance to high, low temperature, acid and alkali, oil, is the best oil-resistant rubber, radiation resistance, high vacuum resistance; electrical insulation, mechanical properties, chemical corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, air aging resistance are excellent. Oil resistance and chemical reagent resistance, especially in places where heat resistance is required (such as electrical and hydraulic systems near aircraft or automotive engines or fuel tanks) and environments where chemical solvent resistance is required. The disadvantages are poor processability, high price, poor cold resistance and low elastic permeability. Use temperature range heat shrinkable tube: - 20 +200.


It is mainly used for vacuum, high temperature and chemical corrosion resistant sealing materials, rubber hoses or other parts and automobile workers in the national defense industry. In these environments, the insulation protection and stress relief of cable harness protect electronic and electrical equipment from damage.

Bubble after shrinkage of heat-shrinkable tube: Many times, part of heat-shrinkable sleeve is found to be bubbling after shrinkage. The main causes are:

1. Failure to shrink from one end to the other or from the middle of the double-wall heat-shrinkable tube to both sides as required by the operation instructions will help to remove air.

2. Without preheating the quilt sleeve, the sleeve is directly put on and contracted back.

3. The reason of the heat shrinkable tube itself is that the radiation dose is too low and the material is decomposed.

Some of the above problems are common to us, and the solutions can also provide reference. Welcome customers to put forward valuable suggestions.