Polytetrafluoroethylene For Anti Sticking

- Aug 12, 2020-

Polytetrafluoroethylene is used for anticorrosion, sealing, load-bearing and insulation. The fifth type is introduced today. PTFE is used for various rods, tubes, plates, films, tapes, ropes, packing and gaskets, and graphite, molybdenum disulfide, aluminum oxide, glass fiber and carbon fiber are used as fillers, To improve the mechanical properties of pure polytetrafluoroethylene. Can be roughly divided into the following categories: anti-corrosion class; sealing class; load-bearing class; insulation class; anti adhesion class; temperature resistance class; other medical class

5、 Anti sticking type:

1. Polytetrafluoroethylene glass cloth coating on the hot roller of sizing machine can avoid the phenomenon of sticking roller formed by chemical size, and greatly improve the production rate and fabric quality;

2. Microwave drying conveyor belt in food industry: compared with other materials, the conveyor belt does not absorb microwave energy, and the non sticky material has the advantages of saving electricity and cleaning;

3. Heat sealing sleeve anti sticking material packed in polyethylene bags;

4. Anti sticking coating: used for kitchen pan, baking mold for bread baking, frozen food storage tray, electric iron bottom, and copier pinch roll;