Problems And Reasons Of Glass Fiber Tube

- Aug 30, 2019-

Fiberglass sleeve is a special fiberglass sleeve made of fiberglass braided into pipes and processed by high temperature setting process.

Today, I will introduce the problems and reasons of fiberglass tube.

1. Fiberglass tubes have bubbles:


1. The paint concentration is too high and the paint temperature is too high.

2. Machine speed is too fast.

3. Machine failure;

4. Abnormal quality of raw rubber;

5. The tooling is inappropriate;

6. Painting is serious and bubbles appear on the inner wall of the pipe.

2. The inner diameter of fiberglass tube is small (large):


1. Improper use of tooling, wear, dirty tooling, impurities in the hole;

2. Abnormal braiding of billet tube;

3. Flat tube;

4. Machine transmission failure.

3. Insufficient voltage (stable):


1. Low paint concentration;

2. Bubble formation;

3. Quality of raw rubber;

4. Bad braiding of billet pipes, too sparse and loose;

5. Employees operate incorrectly.

4. Uneven colour of fiberglass casing:


1. The setting of dewaxing temperature is inappropriate.

2. Dewaxing temperature is unstable.

3. External cold air enters the dewaxing furnace.

4. Abnormal braiding of billet tube.

5. Glass fibre tubes have particles:


1. The paint has not been filtered.

2. The paint barrel has not been cleaned for a long time.

3. The quality of raw glue is abnormal.

4. The guide wheel is not clean and hard glue is contaminated on the billet pipe.

6. Fiberglass pipe stains:


1. Former process;

2. Water, oil or other contaminants are contaminated on the billet pipe at the pass.

3. Crosscolor;

4. Washing the ground with dust or other debris;

5. The paint is not clean and has sundries or other colors.

7. Unqualified wall thickness:


1. Unqualified braiding of billet and tube;

2. Unqualified extrusion or unstable extrusion wall thickness of inner hose;

3. Inappropriate paint concentration;

4. The speed setting of the machine is inappropriate or unstable.

glass fiber tube