Quick Understanding Of Food Grade Silicone Rubber Tube

- Oct 22, 2019-

With the development of the times, people's living standards have also been greatly improved. To a great extent, we are not only satisfied with food and clothing, but also food safety. In order to solve the problem of food safety, the state has formulated the food safety law many years ago. In order to ensure the safety of consumers, it can be seen that the state attaches great importance to the problem of food safety. In view of this point of view, xinsanshun has produced a kind of safe and non-toxic food grade silicone rubber tube. So, what is a food grade silicone tube?

Brief introduction of food grade silicone rubber tube products:

1. Food grade silicone rubber tube is made of superior food grade new silicone material and platinum catalytic system through a unique extrusion process, free from pressure, stretching and aging.

2. Food grade silicone rubber tube is made of new raw materials with good transparency, non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature and low temperature resistance. It can be used for a long time at 240 ℃ and still has elasticity at - 60 ℃.

3. The food grade silicone rubber tube has passed the FDA, ROHS, SGS, lfgb and other environmental protection food grade certification.

What are the characteristics of food grade silicone rubber tubes?

1. Weather resistance: solid materials have better aging life in plastics.

2. Acid and alkali resistance: resistance to strong acid, alkaline water and organic solution.

3. High lubrication: low friction coefficient in solid materials

4. Non attachment: surface tension is not attached to any substance

5. Good insulation: good dielectric property of silicone rubber pipe

6. Non toxic: there is no adverse reaction of physiological inertia in human body.

What is food grade silicone tubing?

The food grade silicone rubber tube is made of imported silicone material, scientific production process and batch production method. It has a wider adaptability for the high tear and transparency of gas phase rubber, the ultra-high hardness and low hardness of mixed rubber, functional mixed rubber, etc.