Reasons For Popularization Of Cold-shrinkable Cable Accessories

- May 05, 2019-

1. Compared with the time when the cold shrinkage products came out, the price of cold shrinkage cable accessories is becoming more and more rational. Because of the material, characteristics and market freshness of cold shrinkage products, the price of cold shrinkage cable accessories is quite high for the market. Only a few enterprises can afford high costs. However, with the transparency of technology, in the low and medium voltage areas, the price of cold-shrinkable cable accessories has tended to rationalize, many of which are close to the price of heat-shrinkable cables.

2. Comparing with the heat-shrinkable products with more complex use range and installation mode, the cold-shrinkable cable accessories are more and more popular. They have the advantages of small size, easy operation, simple, no external heating, wide application range and less product specifications. They also have corrosion resistance and excellent stability, so that their service life is better than that of heat-shrinkage.

3. Importantly, the construction of cold-shrinkable cable accessories is convenient. In the era of artificial explosion, many constructors prefer to use cold-shrinkable cable accessories because of the convenience of construction.