Rubber And Plastic Products Automatic Press, Greatly Improve Production Efficiency

- Jul 08, 2020-

In order to meet customer needs, our company introduced two advanced automatic production lines for rubber and plastic products and two sets of rubber and plastic trimming machines, which greatly improved production efficiency. Better support for our company's rubber and plastic products customers.

Rubber and plastic products automatic press

1. Simple structure. Advanced design. Convenient operation. High efficiency. Adopt self-developed computer chip controller to form by hydraulic stamping products; realize one-man operation multiple units, one-button operation all day fool operation;

2. The machine tool mainly consists of an atomized storage tank, a feeding barrel, a hydraulic transmission device, an electric control configuration, a body composition, and an air compressor when the user uses it;

3. The machine tool has a self-detection function during operation, and a fault alarm indication system is provided, if there is software. If the hardware fails, it can achieve the highest positioning alarm;

4. When the machine setting task (1-999999 mode) is completed, it will prompt an alarm and automatically stop running after 2 minutes;

5. The computer touch screen can be set: feeding adjustment, speed, delayed feeding, expected time, air flow stirring, atomization time, total density time, straight line encryption, rotation encryption, holding time, set number, easy to control the density of the workpiece Precise, accurate size;

6. Due to the easy adhesion of raw materials, a gas atomization technology is designed to make the raw materials stored in the storage tank and the charging barrel non-adhesive, so that the raw materials can enter the mold cavity in a uniform volume, and can Automatically return excess raw materials to storage tanks;

7. Using linear ball bearings. Low noise. Smooth transmission. Low energy consumption. Long service life;

8. The mold cavity can be adjusted freely, and the servo motor controls the density of the workpiece with high precision;

9. The workpiece is automatically moved after being demolded, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of bumps during the production process;

10. The oil and mold are equipped with a water cooling system, which does not need to work normally in the air-conditioned room in high temperature weather;