Sealing Performance Of Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories

- Apr 08, 2020-

Sealing performance of cold shrinkable cable accessories

Cold shrinkable cable accessories are actually elastic cable accessories, that is to say, using the elasticity of liquid or solid silicone rubber itself to expand and put plastic and support strips in the factory in advance. Therefore, it is the best choice to use the fully shrunk accessories in areas with large temperature difference and great influence of weather environment.

At present, there are two sealing methods: one is the method of filling with asphalt or epoxy resin. This method is complex and difficult to control, It is also not conducive to maintenance; another new method is also the first choice of professional manufacturers at home and abroad, which is to use high elastic sealant with simple technology, reliable function, convenient maintenance and installation, which also makes it the mainstream of use. Because the quality and function of sealant directly affect the sealing function of the joint, it is very important to choose a kind of sealant that can bond with the surface of the cable body and the surface of the accessory material, and at the same time can satisfy the glue that can be used in different temperature changing environment.

Because most of the cold shrinkable cable accessories are installed in outdoor, direct burial and other environments, so waterproof and moisture-proof become one of the hubs to ensure the safe operation of the cold shrinkable cable accessories, and the sealing function and method should be considered. This technology is the cold shrink technology. This kind of accessory is the cold shrink cable accessory. Therefore, this kind of cold shrink accessory has good "elasticity", which can avoid the cable thermal expansion and cold shrink caused by the atmospheric environment and the high and low load during the cable operation. Using this new method, the function of sealant should be considered first. Cover the site to the designated position and pull out the support strip to make it shrink naturally.

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