Selection Method Of Stainless Steel Tie Belt:

- Jul 18, 2019-

1. First of all, we should confirm whether we are working in a corrosive environment or an ordinary natural environment. We should choose the material of stainless steel ribbon.

2. Confirm whether the requirements of the binding objects are very tight or just ordinary, hard, soft or soft, and determine the different styles of tie-ups, such as rolled stainless steel tie-ups, plastic stainless steel tie-ups, format stainless steel tie-ups, beads, coatings, etc.

3. To determine a brand, first of all, we should meet our own requirements and select the brand with the best price-to-price ratio. It is not the more expensive the better, nor the cheaper the better. The quality of the price may be guaranteed, but there is also more possibility of moisture. The cheaper the better.