Selection Of Heating Tools For Heat Shrinkage Tube

- Aug 01, 2019-

Our first-line sales partners often encounter some new contacts, consulting with customers and friends of the heat shrinkable tube, with what shrinkable tube? How about the heat shrinkable tube heater? Can my hair dryer be used as a heat shrinkage tube heater? Which tool is suitable for single-wall heat-shrinkable tube, double-wall heat-shrinkable tube, medium-thick wall heat-shrinkable tube, or special heat-shrinkable tube, such as silicone rubber heat-shrinkable tube, iron-fluorine heat-shrinkable tube, PVDF heat-shrinkable tube, etc? Next, I will briefly introduce how to popularize the heating knowledge of heat-shrinkable tubes.

Firstly, the heating mode of heating pipe of mechanical driven hot blast stove.

This heating method is often used in a number of wire harness enterprises to process heat-shrinkable tubes in large quantities. After all, this heat-shrinkable tube heating tool is also expensive, and is not suitable for small batches of heat-shrinkable tubes. The heating mode characteristics of mechanical drive hot air drying pipe heat shrinkage pipe: generally used for small single-wall heat shrinkage pipe or double-wall heat shrinkage pipe, composed of fan and heat exchanger, suitable for large-scale production.

2. Heat shrinkage tube heating with hot air gun

The characteristics of hot air gun heating shrinkage tube: manual heat shrinkage tool, simple operation; suitable for low demand for heat shrinkage, low output, strong experimental occasions; high-end hot air gun products have numerical control temperature model.

3. Use oven or oven to heat shrinkage tube.

Using the above two ovens to heat the busbar heat shrinkage tube and the medium and thick wall heat shrinkage tube is a common method, and it is also a more suitable heating method for small and medium batch large size heat shrinkage tube.

4. Flame (torch) drying gun for heat shrinkage tube heating

Flame gun is commonly used in outdoor work, such as the installation of corrosion-resistant heat-shrinkable sleeve of outdoor pipeline is the most common use of this kind of flame gun in heating industry. For example, our small partners in the production department also use flame guns to heat the heat-shrinkable tubes of the master row when processing and manufacturing the joint box of the master row.

V. Other Heating Tools

In addition to the heat shrinkage tube heating tools mentioned above, there are alternative heat shrinkage tube heating tools such as lighter, electric heating wire, heating boiling water, household hair dryer, alcohol blowtorch, soldering iron and so on.

Heating Method of Heat Shrinkage Pipe

Heat shrinkable tube is a polymer alloy made from high quality polymer by scientific formula and mechanical blending. The product is formed by irradiation crosslinking and continuous expansion of the electron accelerator. Products with soft, flame retardant, rapid shrinkage, widely used in wire connection, solder joint protection, wire end, wire harness and electronic components protection and insulation treatment, pole marking and other products.

We usually have three ways of heating shrinkage tubes: lighters, air guns and ovens. Lighter is a convenient and commonly used tool for heating shrinkage tubes, but its temperature is as high as 1000 degrees, much higher than the shrinkage temperature of heat shrinkage tubes. Therefore, when we use lighters, we must pay attention to moving back and forth, so that the heat shrinkage tube can be uniformly heated as a whole. In order to prevent the heat shrinkage tube from burning out, the shape of the heat shrinkage tube will not become ugly. However, in reality, we often can not control the temperature of the lighter and easily burn the heat-shrinkable pipe, so we recommend the use of professional heating tools.

1. Hot air gun heating is a professional tool, heating gun heating method: open the heating gun, preheat the whole section of copper rod which needs heat shrinkage sleeve. Heating should be uniform, so that the temperature of copper rod is higher than the ambient temperature, about 60 C.

2. Put the proper length sleeve on the copper bars and wear protective gloves to avoid scalding the copper bars. The heating gun is used to heat the copper exhaust heat shrinkage tube, which is heated slowly and evenly from one end to the other or from the middle to both ends. It is strictly forbidden to heat from both ends to the middle in order to avoid the appearance and expansion of bubbles. When there is a bend in heating, the bend should be heated first, and then the bend should be heated to avoid the folding of the copper heat-shrinkable tube in the bend. When heating, the heating gun should be moved evenly to make the casing heated evenly, but the local temperature should not be too high, resulting in the phenomenon of burning or sticking cold of the heat shrinkable tube. At the end of heating, after cooling the copper rod, according to the requirements of "Busbar Manufacturing and Assembly Procedure Specification", the overlap position of the copper heat-shrinkable tube is pulled out by electric knife. When drawing the casing, the force should not be too large to avoid damaging the copper rod. After processing, if there is a stain on the surface of the heat shrinkable tube, wipe it with alcohol cloth.

3. When heating oven with heat-shrinkable tube, we should pay attention to the uniform layout and not stack together, so as to avoid the above problems.

Open the oven, set the temperature between 60 and 70 C, preheat the whole object for 5 minutes with a heat shrinkage tube, remove the heated object from the oven, cover the heat shrinkage tube with appropriate length, and wear protective gloves during operation to avoid scalding. According to the information provided by the manufacturer of copper exhaust heat shrinkage tube, after choosing the appropriate temperature and heating time, the copper exhaust heat shrinkage tube is heated in oven, and attention should be paid to the copper exhaust in oven not to press too large. In order to avoid the pressure produced when the heat shrinkage effect of the copper heat-shrinkable tube is not good, at the end of heating, the copper rod is cooled by the electric knife, and the copper heat-shrinkable tube is pulled out of the lap according to the "Busbar Manufacturing and Assembly Procedure Regulation". When pulling out the sleeve, the force should not be too large to avoid damaging the copper rod; after processing, if there is a stain on the surface of the copper tube, the application of a cloth cleaning (impregnating solvent, if necessary, does not affect the insulation performance of the sleeve).