Selection Standard And Aging Treatment Of Dual Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubes For Automobile Wire Harness

- Jan 04, 2019-

4 criteria for retrofitting headlights for automotive double-walled heat shrinkable tubes

1, light type standard, in strict accordance with automotive lighting standards, upgrade the double xenon lens after the concentration of light, stability, no scattering, not glaring, greatly improve the lighting effect, improve the safety of driving, the annual audit is not restricted. Standard near-light cutting line must reach the left and right neat, parallel to the ground, the far light effect is columnar, the original car independent far light and lens far light in a horizontal line, the focus error can not exceed 1.5CM.

2, the seal is good, can not enter the water into the fog, otherwise it will affect the effect of the headlights.

3, security. Can not destroy the original car line and structure, to ensure the integrity and stability of the original vehicle circuit, wire harness joints must be welded after the use of double-walled heat shrinkable pipe sleeve heat shrinkage pipe up, in order to avoid the danger of leakage of fire phenomenon.

4, late service. A responsible makeover will provide you with the fullest possible post-service. Be aware that even the most perfect product will have a problem on the day.

What are the characteristics of the fatigue aging of double-walled heat shrinkable tubes and the ozone aging of double-walled heat shrinkable tubes?

Under the effect of alternating stress or strain of double-walled heat shrinkable tube, the physical and mechanical properties become worse, so that the phenomenon of value is called fatigue aging.

Ozone induced aging is called ozone aging, unlike other factors resulting in aging, the main adhesive ozone aging is a surface reaction, the non-stress rubber surface tensile rubber exposed to a environment, rubber double-walled heat shrinkable casing and ozone reaction until the surface of the full response to terminate, On the surface forms a layer similar to the frosty Gray of its lost luster.

Stretched rubber in the production of ozone aging, the surface to produce rubber ozone cracking has a critical stress, when the rubber elongation or below the critical value, in the event of ozone aging will not produce cracking. When the glue produces ozone cracking, the direction of the crack is perpendicular to the direction of the force, and the cracking is different from the cracking caused by the aging of the light oxygen. However, it should be noted that in many rubber generation ozone aging, the resulting ozone cracking is difficult to see the light oxygen aging produced by the cracking similar.

As a professional supplier of industrial insulation protection products, in view of this problem, R & amp; d department after long-term experimental and R & amp; d, halogen-free environmental protection double-walled heat shrinkable tube by radiation crosslinked polyolefin and Hot melt adhesive double-layer composition, outer polyolefin insulation, flame retardant, physical and chemical properties excellent, internal hot melt adhesive can cushion mechanical strain and Its main functions are insulation, sealing, waterproofing, anti-corrosion, anti-leakage, etc., widely used in various types of wire harness, wire and cable and metal rods, such as sealing insulation, waterproof and anti-corrosion and other fields.

Its thermal shrinkage rate of up to 3:1, environmental protection level in line with the EU RoHS standards, and its greatest advantage is that it can be fully adapted to outdoor wire and cable protection, UV irradiation, and its raw materials of high quality and make his own quality, anti-aging, in the use of its quality to be guaranteed, lifting the construction team engineers worry.

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