Silicone Rubber, Change Our Life(Ⅲ)

- May 10, 2019-

4. Existing Problems and Development Suggestions

(1) The production and consumption of thermal vulcanized silicone rubber in developed countries in the world have reached a very high level, and the development is very rapid. Although the production technology and production capacity of HTV have been greatly improved in China in recent years, some production technologies and products of silicone rubber have entered the international market. But strictly speaking, there is still a big gap between our silicone rubber industry and the international advanced level. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop and establish large-scale thermovulcanized silicone rubber raw rubber and mixing equipment with economic scale and to develop series of varieties of mixing rubber, especially high-quality varieties, in order to change the current situation that the production and varieties of mixing rubber in China depend on foreign countries and promote the technological progress of silicone and related industries in China.

(2) Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, for example, one-component sealant, because of the disordered market competition, most manufacturers use recycled materials with lower prices as the main raw materials, and most of the crosslinking agents used are products from small factories. The quality of the products is unstable, which results in the overall quality decline of * final products and the performance is affected. High performance sealants are mainly imported and imported sub-packaged products, such as curtain wall structural adhesives and weatherproof adhesives. These are the problems that should be solved in the future. High performance building sealant and processed silicone rubber are the research and development hotspots. Building sealant is mainly to improve the surface drying time and vulcanization time, as well as the adhesion with the base material, especially with the pouring concrete. At the same time, continuous production should be realized to overcome the shortcomings of intermittent rubber mixing process, such as poor production stability, high wastage and low efficiency. Additional silicone rubber is mainly to improve its softness and transparency, and the development of one-component addition silicone rubber. Silicone rubber for other special uses, such as flame retardant silicone rubber filling material, high damping silicone rubber, high corrosion resistance and tear resistance silicone rubber, anti-electromagnetic interference silicone rubber, high temperature resistant (above 350 C) silicone rubber, etc.