Silicone Rubber Cold Shrinkage Pipe Will Replace Other Insulation Materials

- Dec 28, 2018-

10KV~35KV high voltage cable is the main channel of urban power supply at present. With the development of economy, people rely more and more on electric power, and the reliability of power supply is also increasingly demanded. Due to the limitation of production and transportation, the length of high voltage cables is only several hundred meters per root, and the introduction and extension of cables depend on special protective materials. At present, the heat shrinkable tube is used to make the casing protective material expand before and after heating by high-energy radiation. Due to the limitation of material and the influence of breathing effect, the service life of heat shrinkable tube protective material is usually only 4-5 years, while the service life of cable is 20-40 years. The contradiction between the life of cable and the life of protective material seriously affects the stable operation of power supply system and increases the maintenance strength. The protective material of silicone rubber cold shrinkage pipe makes full use of the insulation characteristics and good weather resistance and elasticity of silicone rubber, and can match the life of cable completely. Therefore, in the near future, the replacement of thermal shrinkage pipe protective material by cold shrinkage pipe will be a scientific and technological progress. Inexorable trend.

Compared with heat-shrinkable tubes, cold-shrinkable tubes  have some obvious advantages:

Heat-shrinkable pipe uses heating to shrink the tube material, so it must have heating source.

The cold shrinkage pipe is contracted by drawing support strip at room temperature, which does not need heat source and is more convenient for construction.

Because of the limitation of electric stress control material, the thermal shrinkable cable accessories have the highest voltage level of 35 kV.

Silicone Rubber Cold Shrinkage Pipe is now mature and applied to 220kV

Due to the limitation of structure and material, the insulation distance between the installation part and the end of the stress tube is long, which may lead to the occurrence of high-voltage parts crossing or approaching and phase-to-phase discharge when the product needs phase adjustment after installation.

The silicone rubber cold-shrinkable tube keeps the clamping force on the cable body, synchronizes with the thermal expansion, cold contraction and breathing of the cable while it is running, and controls the generation of insulation gap. This structure can effectively reduce the insulation distance, shorten the length of the high-voltage part, and reduce the defects that may be caused by installation.

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