Skin Damage Is No Longer Afraid, Heat Shrinkable Tube To Save Lighting Line

- Jun 12, 2018-

Skin damage is no longer afraid, heat shrinkable tube to save lighting line


The lighting cable in the apple is often flexed at the junction, causing it to be easily damaged, and a hundred yuan on the original line can not be easily accepted by the user, so many users feel a headache for the cable that only damages the outer insulating skin.


Although the use of insulating tape and other items can also play a protective role, but not beautiful and simple, in fact, the use of heat shrinkable tube can better solve the problem.

The repair method is very simple to buy a heat shrinkable tube with a diameter of 6mm, put it in the damaged part of the lighting cable, and then heat it near the heat source of the furnace, wait for the heat shrinkable tube to be fitted to the cable surface, and should not be overheated so as to avoid the insulation skin of the cable.