Specification And Classification Of Silicone Rubber Pipe

- Oct 23, 2019-

Mainly classified by use: medical silicone rubber tube (also known as food grade silicone rubber tube, in fact, there are differences between the two), high temperature resistant silicone rubber tube, insulated silicone rubber tube, industrial silicone rubber tube, etc.

Classification by physical properties: transparent silicone rubber tube, translucent silicone rubber tube, color silicone rubber tube, silicone hose, woven silicone rubber tube, etc.

The following focuses on the specification and application of medical silicone rubber pipe and high temperature resistant silicone rubber pipe:

I. medical silicone rubber tube, as the name implies, is a silicone rubber tube for medical use. Therefore, the production of medical silicone rubber tube in silicone rubber tube factory must have relevant medical silicone material report before the production of medical silicone rubber tube. The specification of medical silicone rubber tube can support customization. Generally, medical grade silicone products are customized, so Rabo rubber does not have conventional medical silicone rubber tube.

Specification of commonly used medical silicone rubber tube: used as connecting tube or catheter of medical equipment; infant pipette / catheter; food delivery tube and connecting tube. In short, the general specification of medical silicone rubber tube is φ 0.8mm ~ φ 60mm (can be customized). )

II. High temperature resistant silicone rubber pipe, also known as flame-retardant silicone rubber pipe, has the effect of high temperature and fire resistance, with continuous high temperature resistance up to - 60 ≤ 300 degrees. Of course, there are also related tests, such as: high flame resistance (three seconds flameout, non-toxic and tasteless), and also through SGS and other related mechanisms.

High temperature silicone rubber pipes are widely used in the protection sleeve of electrical and electronic equipment, the flame retarding effect of mechanical equipment, and the effect of setting fire. The performance is similar to that of the flame retardant silane board (over 94V0) produced by REBO, and there are also some flame-retardant silicone rubber tubes.

Specification of high temperature resistant silicone rubber pipe: the inner diameter is between φ 1.0mm and 15.0mm, the outer diameter is between φ 2.0mm and 16.00mm, and the thickness is 0.5mm.