Summary Accessory Cable Problem In The Process

- Oct 11, 2018-

1, all kinds of plugs to replace the specifications which need to be replaced? 

Before and after the Euro 630A plug: 

300 square feet or less, T-type jackets GM, 400 and 500 square feet plus a large coat. 

Before and after insertion of a stressor and the terminal are generic and can be interchanged. 

American plug 600A: 

replace stressor, the terminals and the sealing tube 

European elbow / straight, elbow American Plug: 

plug points specifications, this should not all be interchanged, but the same size plug segment, the terminal can change. 

To understand the specific points, you can see related table, the table does not note the time division specification, are common parts. 

2, why not plug after plug in and post caps? 

When installed, the plug is inserted in the back of the forward runs, after the installation of the plug forward runs, the forward runs in the supporting post caps and plugs directly after insertion behind it, no more distribution. 

3, Division I plug universal plug and other manufacturers how to judge? 

European T-forward runs: front plug is plugged directly into the device sleeve, the sleeve is under international standard on the device, therefore, European forward runs are common. 

European T-inserted after: Since the interpolation is to be installed behind the front plug, which cooperates with the tail hole of the forward runs, the manufacturers when designing the plug tail hole, differ, we have to distinguish whether generic, only the front Analyzing the plug is inserted, the plug if the plug is the same as the two, these two rear plug can be generic. 

American T-shaped elbow American, European elbow / straight, both with Continental forward runs, are directly inserted in the cannula device, is under international standards sleeve device, thus, are generic . 

4, why the plug on aluminum cables with copper and aluminum terminals to use? 

All electrical connections metal sleeve, are copper, since copper and aluminum can not be directly linked, the job must be specially processed on the device, and therefore, when the aluminum electric cable connected to the device must be used copper and aluminum transition terminal job. 

Copper and aluminum transition terminal with a plug of aluminum are copper, i.e., the connection cable crimping portion is an aluminum material.

5, customers sometimes want the device caps, caps what equipment is, What does it do? 

Client refers to a device with a sealing cap is actually our product in the insulating cap, in the selection, depending on the casing of the device, select different types of insulation cap. 

Sealed insulating casing has been removed a plug cap for the cannula or access port during the reservation. Subsidiary parts of the sleeve, providing a charged insulating sleeve, the sleeve provides for an uncharged seal against dust, moisture and the like. 

Various equipment in the casing when there is electricity, insulation must be installed cap, or because of creepage distance is not enough to produce discharge phenomenon. In addition, if the cap sleeve without insulation directly exposed to the air, after a period of time, moisture will will be etched casing, resulting in sleeves damp destroyed. 

6, how to determine the customer is using European or American T T-plug type? 

In the application selection, pay great attention to, American sleeve 600A inch screw holes are 5/8 "thread, the main difference plug in with the butt end of the bolt thread also. Continental casing is on the thread is M16 and distinguishing, since the 5/8 "inch bolts easy to find on the market, so the easiest way to differentiate, to find metric M16 bolt, can be screwed in, can be determined in European, American and vice versa is of.