The 20th China International Optical Expo

- Sep 05, 2018-

The 20th China International Optical Expo is being held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. China International Optoelectronic Expo is a comprehensive exhibition of optoelectronic industry with large scale and influence. It covers optical communication, laser, infrared, precision optics, optoelectronic innovation, military civilian integration. photoelectric sensing, data center and other optoelectronic industry chain. As a pioneer in the industry, KeHong Enterprises Co Ltd. was invited to participate in some of the company's core products.

  KeHong Enterprises Co Ltd mainly produces environmentally-friendly heat-shrinkable tubes, high-temperature (150°C-260°C) heat-shrinkable tubes, high-pressure busbars (1kv-35kv) heat-shrinkable tubes, high-performance oil-resistant soft rubber heat-shrinkable tubes, non slip tubes, high Shrinkage ratio (1:6) rubber double wall tube, automobile oil pipe, yellow green two color tube,  high temperature fiber casing, silicone rubber and EPDM cold shrink tube, Teflon heat shrinkable tube, optic fiber protection heat shrinking Tube, telescopic braided sleeve, heat shrink cable end cap and heat shrink cable breakout etc. The company has international leading heat shrinkable sleeve technology and equipment, and the quality assurance system has passed ISO9001 certification.